William James Kopeny
Appellate Practice: Civil and Criminal Appeals in California and Federal Courts

California Criminal and Civil Appeals - Federal Criminal Appeals - Constitutional Appeals

At the Appellate Law Office of William J. Kopeny, we handle California and federal civil, criminal, and constitutional writs and appeals. I am a specialist in appellate law certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. Although most of my cases are referred by other lawyers, I do accept select cases directly from clients who need to prosecute or defend a criminal or civil appeal.

Contact my office to learn more about my appellate law practice. I accept appeals in:

* State and Federal Criminal Appeals: I defend people who have been unjustly convicted of a crime or whose sentences are excessive. I have a great deal of knowledge about the California and federal sentencing guidelines and constitutional sentencing issues, and I have argued before the California Supreme Court and federal courts in sentencing cases.

* Civil Appeals: I handle appeals of personal injury, contract, business, family law, and many other types of civil appeals and writs.

* First Amendment: I will represent reporters and news organizations in cases involving free speech, freedom of the press, and related issues such as source confidentiality. I also represent those who believe their rights to free speech, assembly, religious expression, or freedom from government establishment of religion have been violated, appealing their claims in California or federal courts.

* Ethics and Licensure Hearings and Sanction Appeals: I have represented judges, members of boards of supervisors, and other judicial or licensed professionals who are facing ethics charges, professional character or fitness barriers to licensure, or accusations of malfeasance, or are facing professional sanctions. Should an attorney lose before the board of professional responsibility, I will represent him or her in the appeal to a review panel or in other processes. I have been consulted as an expert witness on questions of legal ethics, and my work has resulted in published opinions involving the disqualification of lawyers from particular cases.

* Attorney Sanctions, Legal Malpractice, and Contempt of Court: I represent lawyers who wish to obtain review of a sanction or a contempt citation. In addition, I handle appeals of both civil and criminal legal malpractice cases.

* Petitions and Writs: I do a great deal of writ work, including extraordinary writ proceedings petitioning federal circuit or state appellate courts for immediate interlocutory remedies in both civil and criminal cases. My work in this area has resulted in a number of published opinions.

There are several types of cases I will not take:
* Trial-level litigation
* Death penalty cases
* Post-conviction petitions
* Trial-level legal malpractice (I only handle appeals of these cases)

From his office in Irvine, California, state and federal appellate attorney William J. Kopeny represents clients throughout the State of California in appeals of state cases, and across the nation in federal appeals.

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